A Great Find

I acquired one of the reproductions of the 1893 manual that was republished in 1931 (#48 out of 1500). It is in excellent pristine condition.

In the reproduction, the cover has a frayed look. Actually, the page itself is not frayed. They decided to reproduce the cover mimicking their archive copy which apparently had degraded over time.
Here’s the dedication page:
The booklet was not only signed and dedicated by Dr. Gregg, but it belonged to Florence Ulrich, who for many years was in charge of the OGA section of The Gregg Writer at the Gregg Publishing Company. At one point she became the circulation manager for Today’s Secretary as well. It turns out that the mother-in-law of the seller of the booklet was Florence’s sister. The mother-in-law had recently passed, and the seller wanted to discard some items, so she put it up for auction.

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    1. Very nice.  i wondered if you were the winning bidder.  
      Lucky that the family didn’t just discard it!
      Now you need to set your sights on the facsimile of the first Liverpool edition, done by McGraw-Hill in 1971.  

  1. My only regret is that they only reissued Part 1. They should have done both parts in one booklet!

    Yes, I’ll be on the lookout for the Liverpool edition, :-).

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