Few quotes in French Gregg


Due to the dearth of French Gregg ressources, I try to add few ones of my own. For the moment, it’s just a test for I never posted any picture.

So, the first is from Nicholas Machiavel, the next three ones are from Swâmi Prajñânpad, a Indian wise man I like a lot and the last one is from… an anonymous, a quote printed with an article about memory, which is a good advice for every learner.





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    1. Thank you Carlos for your appreciation.

      I was afraid it was a bit stiff. When I write for myself, the penmanship is looser but also nicer.

      I'm impressed by your translation : certainly you are not used to read French Gregg. Makes me wonder what do you make of the others ones…

  1. Also, just a little penmanship pointer. The outline after the first period of the 4th quote ("voyez"), make the v slightly larger so that it is not confused with an f (even though "foyer" in this instance wouldn't make any sense!), and also the -iez ending is not needed in "voyez" (v-a would be fine).

    1. You're right, of course for the "v"… not big enough. I suppose it's the downsides of learning alone. There are some mistakes I don't see because I have still the text in my memory.

      When I re-read the writings after a long time, it's easer to see the mistakes.

      About the rules about the imperative mode, I didn't find the manual very clear. « Only the terminaison -ez is represented. » Is it enough to understand that the form is a imperative ? Also you say "v-a" is enough ? And you would understand that it's a imperative and not an infinitive ?

      Anyway…thank you, Carlos!



      1. You're welcome. I see your point about the imperative, I forgot that rule. Normally when you write "vous voyez", v v-a is sufficient, but that's the infinitive. In this case, since it's the imperative and since it ends with ez, it's better to put the ending.

  2. So ?
    I have the proof that the first quote is understandable… but the rest ?
    You (the not-so-many) that are able to read French Gregg have given the tongue to the cat ?

    1. Au contraire, all of them are very legible. I just didn't want to transcribe them all. But here is the second: “Savoir, c'est pouvoir. C'est l'action qui détermine si la connaissance est certain. La seule possession de l'homme, c'est sa connaissance.”

  3. Thanks, Carlos!
    It’s a strange feeling (a good one) to see that would be considered by many as… “a muddle” translated in full, an understandable text and the same one that you have imagined… It is almost magical.
    And, even it is useful to have a sort of secret code available, it’s nice to share.

  4. Some really good quotes here! Thank you for posting them.

    No. 3 – Nous sommes libérés par ce que nous acceptons, mais nous sommes prisonniers de ce que nous réfusons.

  5. I don't know French, but it was fun seeing Gregg in another language! (And wow, kudos to Carlos for transcribing them in French!  You are full of surprises, Carlos!)  Thanks for posting in French. Very fun!

  6. I know French rather well, but I don't know French Gregg at all, and I don't have a textbook for it. Still, this thread is kind of cool, especially with the transcriptions into standard roman by some of you. Could you please give the transcriptions of the last two quotes? That way, I (and perhaps some others) can compare the roman to the shorthand to get a sense of how French Gregg works.

    1. 4. Evitez de trop penser. Voyez seulement le présent et agissez, c'est la clé d'un comportement vrai et positif.

      5. Répétez ! Répétez ! Il en restera toujours quelque chose.

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