The Champion Snorer

An amusing story, here transcribed by me in Centennial Gregg.

Attachment: the-champion-snorer.pdf

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      1. Let's see …

        the very first one on page 2, looks like "diabl-u-ment;"

        near bottom col. 1, pg. 2: (in some context) "… held off the pillow ?_from-meet_? waiting in breathless suspense …"

        top third col. 2, pg. 2: "… it ?mumbled? along in low motoring tones like the ?du-tent ackoss? of a profane thunderous storm …"

        top third col. 1, pg. 3: " … things that would make the immortal gods ? keep if ??? her head ? …"

        last of col. 2, pg. 3: "… golden hair and ?thmked? pleading eyes …"

        1. Here you go:

          1. "diabolism"

          2. "pillow for a minute"

          3. "mumbled along in low, muttering tones, like the distant echoes of a profane thunderstorm"

          4. "immortal gods weep, if they did but hear him"

          5. "timid"

  1. Thank you, Carlos!  I haven't been around much this summer.  My computer crashed and burn and I got behind on everything.  But thanks for continuing to give us new reading material every month.  You're awesome!

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