Yellowstone Notes

This article by Charles Lee Swem appeared in print form in the December 1925 issue of The Gregg Writer. It is a small travel journal of various shorthand reporters that were attending the National Shorthand Reporter’s Association Convention in Omaha that year. I transcribed it in Anniversary Gregg for the blog.

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  1. Seeming to get ahead of myself in transcription, I looked at some older articles and found one by the talented Mr Swem on Yellowstone Park.  Fairly short but I had lots of questions.  

    Though first I did manage to discover
    (a) p1 col 1 line 5: Denver, by reference to the back of my 1918 manual
    (b) p3 col 1 line 15: Salt Lake city – which I only got when encountering "Mormon Tabernacle" a bit later.

    Other names I could not get were
    (1) p1 col 2 line 8 first outline
    (2) p3 col 2 line 2: " a ride to ?"
    (3) p4 col 1 line 11: "both atop ? Springs"
    (4) p4 col 1 line 10: "I caught ? ? in a graceful pose"

    and rather a lot of other words
    (5) p2 col 1 line 4: "which ? boasts"
    (6) p2 col 2 line 8: I could only see "rumble" luncheon but that term (if that's what it is) is unfamiliar to me
    (7) p3 col 1 line 8: "a ? view"
    (8) p3 col 1 line 18: "land ? of Salt Lake city"
    (9) p3 col 2 line 16: "sweaters were ?"

    I guess that
    p3 col 1 line 14: is "Sunday morning"


      1. Thanks Carlos,

        All clear now, but I feel ashamed of not getting "remarkable" (6) or "intimate" (7).

        The link to the Gregg Writer was interesting and I got rather engrossed in it.  I will look at it in future too (but bearing in mind that it came out  before the Anniversary edition was published).


        1. You're welcome! Paul posted a link to the full archive of Gregg Writer magazine here, in case you missed it. I don't think you'll find much difficulty in reading the shorthand articles.

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