Anniversary outline: draman

I need help in deciphering the Anniversary outline, “draman,” found in Gregg Shorthand Manual for the Functional Method, 1936, page 546: Context: “There should also be a voucher by the [draman] of the amount paid for his services.”
Later the outline “draj” appears in the following context: ‘In this way the two accounts, commission and [draj] can be properly charged on our books.” What does “draj” represent?

(by Bruce E. for group greggshorthand)

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  1. Oops! greggstudent caught me. I did check the Teacher's Handbook key, otherwise I'd have been at a total loss as neither word has ever to my knowledge been in my vocabulary, active or inactive. I suppose even as recently as 1936 drayman and drayage would have been used in that industry.

  2. That's right Phil—you've been caught! Time to review the Manual again starting from Unit 1, with special emphasis on Paragraph 13 – Reading and Dictation Practice. Particularly the sentence, "Are there more going in the dray?" 😉

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