Gregg and other shorthand books from Openlibrary

Here are some books that can be borrowed from Openlibrary.
Some of you may be aware of this site. But for those few searching souls that stumble upon this blog it may be helpful.
It requires to register on site and also to have Adobe Digital Editions installed.

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  1. Awesome resource yes… but the fact that the Simplified manual e-book is "checked out" and thus inaccessible… meanwhile I can download the book but I just can't read it because I don't have an NLS key?

    Our century-long copyright system is a joke. 20 years should be enough – 100 years of copyright can't be construed to benefit content-creation using any assumption of cost-of-capital.


    But at least it's nice to know that people are using it! And there are even three people on the waiting list!

    1. I had that happen with an online book once, and the list eventually cleared and I could read the book. The good thing is that when there are people on the waiting list, the person who holds the loan cannot renew it — the waiting list has to clear first. So just wait patiently: each loan is two weeks.

      I just wish more of these books would be available online, especially those from the 30s to the 60s! I'd put up with the small wait and the copyright issues if the online availability was there.

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