Einstein the philosopher (French)

Hello, here are some quotes from Albert Einstein, not the most well-known, I think…

Again, feel free to criticize… (must I say it?)


Edit: changes made.

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  1. Einstein had a great sense of humor, and many of these quotes reflect that.

    1. For the first one, the phrase dans sa, I would have written it separately. It can be confused with the third person singular passé simple of danser (dansa).

    2. On the second quote, the over th in the ending -ieuse of harmonieuse looks like a t. I suggest to exaggerate the curve of the th so that the oo-hook and right s would lay slanted inside. This will make the right s lie right on the line of writing:

    3. On #4, the second e circle of irréprochable is omitted because since it is part of the re- prefix, the circle would be omitted when the following character is a downward consonant (p in this case, paragraph 147).

    1. Hello Carlos,

      thanks for this early reply.

      1. I wouldn't have thought I could be confusing… In Études Graduées… "dans sa" with the two forms separated appears at least once, in the others occurences, it is blended (I haven't typed the whole transcription yet). I will separate them.

      2. I see…

      3. I agree too… I gladly simplify too convoluted forms.

      So, no controversy.



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