Conflicting shapes and proportions


Is there a neat way of writing words like Natasha (the name), attachant, attacha (in French)? In my DJS manual, attachant is written with a very long CH so that the first and last A-circles don’t overlap. But then this CH ends up being just as long as a J really.

Have you spotted other similar cases where it’s difficult if not impossible to observe both proper proportions and proper letter shapes/directions?


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  1. Hello,
    I usually drop a vowel when the word is too difficult to write…
    Actually, for ‘attachant’, in the Sénécal version, the second ‘a’ isn’t written…

  2. Thank you Carlos, I’m really not observant so I had to look really hard at your image and then at the same words as written in my DJS dictionary and I think I may have found the difference: the dictionary has huge inital A’s and this seems to be what forced the plate writer to turn it’s CHs into Js so that the 3rd A doesn’t collide with the first one. At first I thought the difference was in the slant of the T, but I think your T is slanted just as it is in the dictionary.

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