1893 First Edition

I’ve also uploaded (to “Documents”) .pdf files of the 1931 reprint of the original 1893 “Gregg’s Shorthand:  A Light-Line Phonography for the Million“.  These files all start with “First”, beginning with “Cover”, “Autograph”, “Title Page”, “Preface”, then 2-page spreads starting with pp. 4-5, etc. 

Once again, lots of large files that I’ll probably only leave for a while.  Let me know if this kind of material is interesting and useful for you!

alex for everyone)


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  1. I tried to send you a scan of the facsimile "Liverpool" booklet, in .rtf format . . . I think I got your e-mail address right, but if you didn't get the scan let me know . . . You can e-mail me off-list if you want.   Alex

  2. Sure, I can do that.  I have two files:  the 1888 Liverpool booklet is 9 MB, and the 1893 first American booklet is 12 MB.  Why don't you e-mail me your e-mail address off-list, and I'll send them two you in two separate messages.  I know some systems won't accept files that large, but generally it seems like they've successfully gone through.   Alex [email protected]

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