Japanese constitution

I uploaded a gif file with the Japanese constitution written in Gregg, I don’t remember  where I took it from.

It’s in documents section

(by valo1969 for everyone)

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  1. As an aside, I do remember reading that Zoubek (Leslie? Dupraw?) wowed an audience by taking dictation at 150 wpm in Japanese, a language he knew nothing about. The shorthand written was purely phonetic and was designed to shatter the theory that students "can't write words they don't already know with any speed."

    The readback must have been hysterical for anyone who spoke Japanese!


  2. That looks to me to be the Diamond Jubilee Series. I say that by looking at the lack of a vowel-reversal principle (eliminating Anniversary), and the lack of the tilting of the o hook in words like corn (eliminating Simplified).

    Fun reference. 🙂

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