French adaptation?

I was wondering if there were resources online that have a French adaptation of Gregg? 🙂 I’m a French major so I take lots more notes in French than English, but I don’t want to start from square one with Duployé when I can just shuffle Gregg around and use it instead.

I’ve started to make one myself, but I’m hoping someone more clever has already done the work!

Thanks 🙂

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)

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  1. The link below will give you titles of books on "St챕nographie Gregg."

    Some show up from time to time at I was able to get the Series 90 book. Usage of most of the letters is as you would expect. The th is used for the French ll as in "million." The sh is only used for the suffix "-tion."

    Others have said in this forum that the only place French Gregg ever took off was in French Canada. The reason was that many secretaries had to take dictation in both French and English, and it was easier to learn one shorthand system than two.

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