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I know that Gregg was adapted for Russian and as someone who knows that language, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get my hands on a copy of that version. I also know Vietnamese; but, I don’t believe Gregg was ever adapted to it. I’ve already searched online at abebooks and and can’t find the Russian version anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.

(by angadan for everyone)

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  1. I have the May, 1948 complete "Price List of Gregg Publications", and it lists the Russian version as "Stenografia Gregga", by Fox and List, along with a "Teacher's Key to Stenografia Gregga" (price of the book was $1.75, the key was $0.25).    My guess is that this is an extremely rare item that may never turn up.  I've never seen it, or seen it listed anywhere.   If anyone is interested, the price list includes adaptations in these languages:   Afrikaans Esperanto French Irish Italian Japanese Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish Tagalog   Since the simplified version appeared right after this 1948 price list, I assume that this is more or less a complete list of foreign language adaptations.  I don't think foreign language versions were on the McGraw-Hill agenda after that, other than French and Spanish.  (I know French versions appeared through Diamond Jubilee).    I have the Esperanto and Spanish versions.  It would be interesting to hear who may have any of the others.   Alex

  2. Being Russian, I’ve been keeping an eye out for this book all these years, to no avail. And now, 11 years later I found a page from that book online. One page!



  3. And now looking at the fine print at the bottom of the page, embarrassingly I realize that this was a put-down of Gregg from a standard Russian steno text book. My bad, I was so exited for a moment.

  4. This appears to be indexed on WorldCat. The only copy is held by the National Library of Scotland:

    Stenografia Gregga, etc. (Klyuch)
    John Robert Gregg; Frederick G Fox; Louis List; David J Ramsey, Mrs.
    New York ; London, [1935-1937]

    The holdings list of the John Robert Gregg collection at the New York Public Library, which I would expect to be rather complete, also mentions the Russian Gregg manuscript:

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