Vivre sans patron (French)


sometimes at the beginnings of chapters in books, there are quotes… So this is some quotes of the book “Vivre sans patron” (“Living without a boss”) written by Sergio Fernández which is a collection of advices to work… without a boss.

The authors are:

  1. Georges Gurdjieff;
  2. Popol Vuh (Sacred Book of the Maya);
  3. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe;
  4. Aristote;
  5. Sénèque (Seneca)
  6. Sénèque, again…


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    1. The quotes are very legible. But since you're asking, I have a nit picky thing about nous sommes on #4. The right s after the hook should look like a comma, and not like another hook turned on the side. So when you write the hook, the s should be written slanted to the left, like a comma (and not slanted to the right or below the hook), just like this:

      In that way, you see that the hook is still a hook, and the s is still an s.

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